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As well as my own performing, I have a teaching studio where I coach beginners, amateurs and professionals in both singing technique and basic voice confidence. I teach all ages and really enjoy helping people find their voice. 

I teach on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays at St Saviours church on Brockley Rise, Forest Hill. 

Email via the link below if you would like information about learning with me.   


Some reviews from current and past students: 

I started having lessons with Miriam three and half years ago because although I'd sung from a child, I had not sung very much for years and had always wanted to have singing lessons to develop the technical aspects. Miriam has taught me so much about how to breathe and how to get the best out of my voice, as well as introducing me to songs that I would not have found myself - from show tunes to more complex, classical pieces. The simple way in which she explains things has made it easy for me to develop my voice as well as give me confidence in how I sound. She has the right balance between helping you practice the technical stuff - and putting it into practice with the songs you sing. She does this with a combination of humour and focus which makes it the most enjoyable hour of my week; Michele 

I'm far from professional, but have loads of fun with Miriam - she even lets me get away with cheesy requests from Frozen. If you've always fancied giving it a try, I would recommend having a trial lesson with Miriam. She'll put you at ease and soon you'll be belting out your favourite songs; Sarah J 

I can recommend Miriam Sharrad. Great teacher and lovely person; Dan M

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